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We asked our Fellows the question you all need an answer to. What advice would you offer marketers on surviving the credit crunch?

Simon Clift, CMO, Unilever tells Elen Lewis he’s inspired by Handel, Latin America and Apple and not impressed with ‘rock star’ marketers. You can read the unedited article here.

Did you know 47% of mothers like online gaming? Read extra research from Microsoft on the online behaviour of mums, it’s an extension of the research article in this month’s Think.

John George, our founder and first chairman, sadly died recently. When he founded The Marketing Society in 1959, the discipline of marketing was fairly new. Read his obituary here.

Read the unedited versions of Think’s interview with Sir Keith Mills where he talks about the brands he admires, maintaining momentum and Richard Branson.

Here you can read the unedited versions of Think’s article from Adam Morgan on challenger brands.

Every month, Think, features an interview with a marketing star. One regular question we pose to the interviewees is: What’s the worst decision you’ve ever made? Here’s a selection of some of the most memorable answers.

Read the unedited version of our Think interview with Andrew McGuinness, chairman of our Annual Conference and partner of Beattie McGuinness Bungay ad agency.

Read more from our Customer Champion round table attended by our CEO Hugh Burkitt and senior marketers from Accenture, Mini, PepsiCo, Dairy Crest, Grohe and Dunnhumby. Are you championing customers in your organisation and persuading your board to take the long-term view?

Read the unedited version of Think’s interview with the Young Marketer of the Year, Lindsay Nuttall, the BBC’s head of marketing, BBC TWO, BBC FOUR and Knowledge.

Read the long version of Innocent’s Richard Reed article on why brands should try to save the world.

Read more about how Shell’s brand relates to its people and read the unfiltered thoughts of Luke Mayhew, chairman of Pets at Home, you’re in luck. Read the transcripts behind these two Think articles.

In an exclusive article, Brand Learning, the agency winners of our Grand Prix alongside their clients AkzoNobel (formerly ICI Paints) reflect how marketing capability development has come of age.