Content Marketing

The best way to describe content marketing is that it is the art of passing information in the hope of attracting potential clients to buy your products. As a business owner, it is up to you to share information that not only entertains but also educates the people reading your content such that they can make purchase decisions in your favor. Note that it is not about persuading them to buy your products but rather, it is about aiding them to make informed choices, which may extend to getting products from you. It is strategic and creative without being obvious, and that’s what makes it different from a sales pitch.

Take the example of a person hoping to buy a log cabin but is unsure of where to start and you have some great designs for them. Your content can revolve around descriptions of log cabins, why they are good investment options, why one should buy a home instead of building one, maintenance practices, resale value and other topics in which they have an interest. Even a person with no plans of installing a log cabin may come across the articles and start considering such an investment. Without that push to buy, buy and buy, a consumer will feel comfortable while navigating your site and more often than not, they will return with questions or thirst for more information. Over time, these visits will translate to sales and profits. Do you see how it works to your benefit?

The Mission

The purpose of this method is not only to attract potential customers but also to retain them. For you to achieve this, it is necessary to add new content that is relevant to your products regularly. As you do so, ensure that it is valuable such that anyone going through it leaves with added information, else they will go elsewhere in search of knowledge. The content should also aim at changing or enhancing consumer attitudes towards your product, and to do this; there is a need for consistency. Say for example you sell water pumps and someone has had some bad experiences in the past. Your aim should be to change their view of the products by highlighting the benefits and care practices of these pumps. Also, you need to be discrete such that you are not too obvious about your aim; else the consumers will feel the pressure and may think that you are out to help yourself, which will be a turnoff for many of them.

Content is king

If you go about this technique as it should be, you should not only promote your products, but you should also create customer relationships that will last through the years. The aim is not to have the consumers for a day, but rather to keep them coming for more.

The thing to note is that content does not stop at blogs, but rather, it extends to eBooks, videos and emails. Get your readers to subscribe to newsletters and there you can get their contacts, enabling you to keep in touch with them, thus creating a lasting relationship. Subscriptions also allow you to share lots of content over time.

Inbound VS Content Marketing

Some people often confuse content and inbound marketing as they are often interchangeably used. However, they have some key differences, and the truth is that the latter falls under the umbrella of the former. If you would like to know more about this, please look into our article on the same.

Ensure that you understand buyer personas as lack of this knowledge will hurt your brand. Also, quality is critical as poor articles will lead to a reduction in your numbers. That said; all the best in the creation of content. Remember: the goal is to keep the readers coming!

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